Industrial Hygiene

Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene

Watson & Associates provides comprehensive industrial hygiene services, including monitoring employee exposures to both chemical (gases, dusts, fumes, mists, and vapors) and physical stresses (electromagnetic radiation, lasers, noise, vibration, heat, and cold) in the workplace.  Our experienced and certified health and safety professionals offer our clients a broad understanding of industrial hygiene standards and best practices, ensuring an accurate and cost-effective risk assessment of the workplace.

Indoor Air Quality

We help architects, property owners and managers, engineers, and healthcare facility managers address indoor environmental quality concerns, serving as a part of our client’s team from initial inspection through remediation. If there is suspicion that the building has indoor environmental quality issues, Watson & Associates can conduct an assessment, including environmental sampling and limited HVAC system examination, and identify, manage and resolve issues including:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Particulates and dusts
  • Indoor microbial contaminates (bacteria and fungi)

Microbial Inspections

Our Industrial Hygienists have completed thousands of mold and bacterial consulting projects for architects, contractors, developers, and owners nationwide. Whether your project involves a multi-story commercial office structure, shopping mall, convention center, hotel/resort, stadium, academic, or other commercial facility, Watson & Associates has the depth of expertise to help you address the impacts of water intrusion before or after it occurs. When contaminants are suspected, our professionals can help you prepare a remediation plan, and will continue to monitor your project during and after mitigation.